Getting the Office Cleaned: 3 Features to Look for that Demonstrate a Commitment to Safety

Managing a company is not easy. On top of having to deal with the logistics of production and having to deal with clients, you also need to provide a safe and clean environment for your workers. Hiring office cleaners to clean your office regularly can help lessen your load and keep the office environment looking spick and span. When looking for ideal cleaners, take a look at whether the cleaners can offer these 3 important services and features, as these features demonstrate a commitment to safety. Read More 

Why You Need to Think about Tenants First before Investing in Rental Property

As people weigh up their housing options in an increasingly volatile economic environment, many of them are choosing to rent instead of buying. This presents an opportunity for Australians who are looking to diversify their portfolio and invest in real estate. You may be new to this and wonder how difficult it may be to retain quality clients, to safeguard your investment and pay rent on time. Most experts agree that retention is the most important element, so what can you do to keep people around for the long term? Read More 

What You Need to Know About “Cooling Off” When You’re in the Process of Buying Property

If you're in the market to buy a new property, you may be aware that you have (under Australian law) the legal entitlement to a cooling off period when you sign the contract. Yet, are you aware of the finer details associated with this clause? What should you bear in mind before you get too carried away with your potential new property? Can You Use This Clause? The law stipulates that certain transactions are not eligible for the cooling off period, and this can depend on the type of property or the identity of the buyer. Read More