Don’t Overlook These Important Details When Finding a Retirement Apartment

When searching for a retirement apartment for yourself or for you and your partner, you want to think about more than just its appearance and the initial purchase price. You and your partner may have unique needs at your age, and there may be hidden costs that you're not considering when making your purchasing decision. Note a few important details in all these areas that you don't want to overlook when you're shopping for a retirement apartment to buy. Read More 

Why You Need to Think about Tenants First before Investing in Rental Property

As people weigh up their housing options in an increasingly volatile economic environment, many of them are choosing to rent instead of buying. This presents an opportunity for Australians who are looking to diversify their portfolio and invest in real estate. You may be new to this and wonder how difficult it may be to retain quality clients, to safeguard your investment and pay rent on time. Most experts agree that retention is the most important element, so what can you do to keep people around for the long term? Read More 

Property Management | 3 Guidelines For Landlords To Prepare An Airtight Rental Lease

If you've decided to lease out your investment property, then an ideal way to protect your interests is to prepare a clear and airtight written lease agreement between you and your tenant. A well-prepared rental lease agreement protects you from problematic tenants. Whether you're preparing your lease individually or through a property management company, these guidelines will help you in your quest to prepare an airtight rental lease. Most professional property management companies typically offer some of these clauses. Read More