Four Questions to Ask Your Conveyancer

A conveyancer will guide you through the legal process of purchasing a property. Below are four vital questions to ask your conveyancer to ensure you get value for your money as you buy a home.   What Is The Market Value of the Property?  Buyers should be guided by logic and not emotion when purchasing properties. Emotional buyers will often buy the property above its market value. An experienced conveyancer will easily tell whether the property is overpriced. Read More 

Structural Damages That Thermal Imaging Will Expose During A Building Inspection

Purchasing real estate is a massive investment. Whether it is your starter home or you have several property investments, it is critical to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment and not paying for a dud. And the best way of doing this is by enlisting a building inspection before you put any money down. While trained and certified inspectors typically carry out these inspections manually, advancements in this industry have brought forth new technology in the form of thermal imaging. Read More 

Two things you should do before putting your commercial property up for sale

If you own a commercial space and you're thinking about putting it on the market, here are two things you should do before you advertise your property. Have it professionally cleaned If your commercial property has been vacant for some time and is in a less-than-pristine state, then it would be wise to have the space professionally cleaned before you put it on the market, particularly if you are hoping to sell it relatively quickly. Read More 

Should Asbestos Stop You From Buying a New Home?

If you're searching for a new home and find one that you love, only to discover that asbestos has been found in the home or on the property, should you rescind your offer and start searching for another home? This is a common question from homebuyers, as they may be afraid of asbestos being in a home they want to buy, but may not understand the actual risks of this material and their options. Read More 

6 Tips for Effectively Marketing Your Rental Property

Managing an investment property starts with finding quality tenants. That requires effective marketing of your unit. Before you advertise your rental, check out these tips: 1. Screen Listing Boards Carefully There are lots of websites that charge property owners a fee to list their rentals. Before investing any money, take some time to investigate the site. For instance, find out how many visitors the site gets, and if possible, gather demographics on those visitors. Read More