Cockroaches: Minimize the Risk of These Annoying Pests Invading Your Home

Every homeowner dreads the day they will see those ugly, brown bugs crawling across their floor or furniture. Indeed, cockroaches are annoying to deal with and can pose significant health complications if left unattended. Typically, when you see a single cockroach dashing across the room, it means that there are many more hiding where you can't see them.

To prevent your home from being infested, there are important steps you can take to keep these annoying bugs out. If all else fails, pest control services can step in to handle heavy cockroach infestations.

Minimize garbage in the home

Cockroaches are attracted by food in the home. If you leave your garbage cans overflowing with food, these bugs will come out to eat. Make sure you take out the garbage every night, especially if there is fresh food in it.

Using a garbage can that you can seal and cover is also a great way of turning away cockroaches.

Vacuum regularly

Other areas of the home are also prone to infestations if left unattended. For example, those who eat in the living room may drop food particles on the floor or carpet, while those who eat on kitchen countertops may leave items on those surfaces.

A good strategy is to sweep/vacuum eating areas after every meal or at least once a day. Cockroaches need very few food items to survive and start reproducing. Don't give them a chance to live in your dining areas!

Wipe down furniture

Furniture items such as tables, cabinets, toasters and microwaves are also notorious for hiding food particles. It is important to wipe down these items regularly so they don't become hiding zones for these annoying pests.

Don't leave used dishes in the open

Another common mistake homeowners make is to leave their dishes out in the open after a meal. Dirty dishes are a favorite for cockroaches because they provide a ready source of food for them to consume. Try your best to keep the dishes washed and put away on a regular basis.

Keep it dry

Pools of water within the home are another cockroach delicacy. In fact, some cockroaches prefer a steady supply of water to food. Make sure water is cleaned up regularly and that there are no pools of water under kitchen appliances or the sink or behind walls.

Fill in cracks in walls

Cracks and chips in the walls are the perfect hiding place for cockroaches, ants and other pests. Make sure any cracks in the walls are filled in to minimize the risk of an infestation.