Two things you should do before putting your commercial property up for sale

If you own a commercial space and you're thinking about putting it on the market, here are two things you should do before you advertise your property.

Have it professionally cleaned

If your commercial property has been vacant for some time and is in a less-than-pristine state, then it would be wise to have the space professionally cleaned before you put it on the market, particularly if you are hoping to sell it relatively quickly.

If prospective buyers see a property that looks quite neglected, they are likely to assume that the property has been poorly maintained and that it probably requires a substantial amount of repair work before it can be used. This may not be the case at all; nevertheless, most potential buyers who see a dirty space will make this assumption, so you may find yourself having to convince them that the property is actually in good condition.

You can spare yourself this hassle, and even perhaps sell the property faster, simply by hiring a company that offers commercial cleaning services to deep-clean the space. The equipment they have access to (such as heavy-duty steam cleaners for carpeting and industrial cleaning chemicals), coupled with their expertise and experience, will ensure that your property looks perfectly pristine.

Paint it

If the walls of your commercial space haven't been painted in years and are cracked, peeling and stained, or if the colour scheme is simply a bit dated, then it might be worth painting them before you put the property up for sale.

Prospective buyers often find it hard to look beyond the superficial flaws and tend make snap judgements about a property based purely on its cosmetic condition. So if, for instance, the walls are painted an unattractive and unfashionable colour, a potential buyer might simply write the property off as old and outdated.

Generally speaking, most people who wish to buy a commercial property will be looking for a contemporary, bright space decorated in neutral colours. Using a fresh white shade or an elegant pale grey or cream could make all the difference to how your property is perceived, giving potential buyers the impression that it is a modern and well-maintained building.

Furthermore, these light, bright colours will also help to reflect the natural light that comes in through the windows and help make the premises appear significantly larger. Given how important spaciousness is to most prospective buyers, this is reason enough to have your property painted.