Getting the Office Cleaned: 3 Features to Look for that Demonstrate a Commitment to Safety

Managing a company is not easy. On top of having to deal with the logistics of production and having to deal with clients, you also need to provide a safe and clean environment for your workers. Hiring office cleaners to clean your office regularly can help lessen your load and keep the office environment looking spick and span. When looking for ideal cleaners, take a look at whether the cleaners can offer these 3 important services and features, as these features demonstrate a commitment to safety.

Make Sure the Office Cleaners Use Appropriate Signage

To avoid any slip and fall accidents, have the office cleaners put up appropriate signage whenever they're cleaning. For example, if the floor is wet due to recent cleaning or from a spill, have the office cleaners mark the area properly with several large and bold signs that cannot be missed. Not only will appropriate signage reduce the risk of accidents, but it also limits your company's liability in the event that an accident occurs.

Check the Equipment and Cleaning Supplies for Hazardous Chemicals

The type of cleaning agents and chemicals that are used to clean your office can make a huge impact. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with some cleaning agents and chemicals that you should avoid. Glycol ethers and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), for example, are chemicals that many experts recommend avoiding, as they can pollute the indoor air quality and cause many health issues to arise.

Verify Whether the Cleaners Will Always Be Wearing Safety Equipment

Measures to ensure the safety of the office cleaners should also be in place. In particular, you want to check the office cleaning company to determine whether they provide their cleaners with appropriate safety equipment. This includes protective equipment and clothing like protective eyewear, hard hats, safety boots and even gloves. Keep an eye on the cleaners to ensure that they are vigilant in wearing the protective equipment whenever they are cleaning.


You can hire office cleaners to casually clean your office during business hours and to perform some of the more complicated and complex work after the work day has finished. Getting the office cleaned after the work day has finished will limit any disruptions that might prevent your employees from being productive and staying on track throughout the day. Regular cleaning job, like mopping and vacuuming, can cause a rather loud ruckus.